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  • Dimensions - L29 x W9.5 x H20 cm
  • Material - Paper,Silver Finish Steel Metal and White Handle
  • Collection - Unicorns
  • Colour - Blue, Purple, White
The Starlight Unicorn collection is simply fantastical! The whimsical unicorn, which is fast becoming an iconic trend, is given a rich and sophisticated look with a deep blue and lilac colourway. Set at midnight, the illustrated scene is magical with fresh moonlight hues and simple floral patterns. An inspiring and dreamlike range, some products in the collection are adorned with the wonderful quote ‘believe in yourself’.
This suitcase is made from cardboard which is 100% recycled.


Large Suitcase: L29cm x W9.5cm x H20cm 

Medium Suitcase: L25.5cm x W8.5cm X H18cm 

Small Suitcase: L20cm x W8cm x H14.5cm

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